All identification cards must be ORIGINAL, and current, must contain a photo, physical description, signature, and serial number.  Identification procedures are mandated by the Pennsylvania State.  The following forms of identification are acceptable.
* Pennsylvania Driver's License
* Other States Driver's License
* U.S. Military ID Card
* Pennsylvania Identification Card
* Other States Identification Card
* U.S. Passport

The name you will be signing on the document must match the name on your ID.  
Hospital Notary Service:
If your loved one is in the hospital, Nursing Home or any other facility and has an urgent need to have a document notarized, Please call me and make an appointment.
It takes a certain kind of person to come into a hospital setting and put a client at ease.  Patients do not need added stress; they need a helping hand in a difficult situation.  It's important to have the utmost respect and compassion for signers who are under the care of a hospital and nursing home/retirement home.
As a Notary Public, it's my job to make sure the signer is aware of the document they are signing. 
One of the problems with signing Wills that I have encountered is that many of the clients order the forms from the internet.  
I DO NOT recommend this as i have later found that most of these packages are incomplete and can be challenged in a court of law.
Hospitals do provide Advanced Directive forms. They include a Living Will, a Durable Power of Attorney for Medical Affairs and a Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs.  You may even see a Last Will & Testament in this package as well.
Common Notarizations At A Hospital:
* Quitclaim Deeds
* General Durable Power Of Attorney
* Resignation of Trustee
* Last Will and Testaments
* Pennsylvania Advance Health Care Directive
* Power Of Attorney, ETC...

Does the signer understand the document? - Is the signer drugged?
Make sure that the nurses know not to drug the signer within eight hours of the signing. Make sure the family members of the signing are watching the signer at all times to make sure the nurses don't slip any valium, otherwise the signing is off.
* Wake them up at least an hour before appointment
* Is the signer drugged? Valium and signings don't mix.  Make sure they understand the notarization of the documents.
* Can the signer sign their name? Have a family member rest them out before the appointment.  If not - sign by Mark - have 2 "disinterested" witnesses available.
* Do you have the ID in your hand?
* Please confirm you have the document(s) and they are filled out completely

TWO CREDIBLE WITNESSES- that an swear to the signer's identity.  They must have proper ID, is age 18 or older, know the signer by the name on the document, is not named in the document nor have a financial interest in the transaction described in the document.

Signing By "X" Mark - If unable to write signature and has Vaild ID, than two "disinterested" witnesses need to be present and be witnesses on the document.  One witness should write the person's name next to the person's mark and then the witness should sign his or her name as a witness. The witnesses are only verifying that they witnessed the individual make his or her mark on the document. 
Documents I Cannot Notarize
* Vital Certificates: Birth, Marriage, Death, Divorce etc...,
* Photographs
* Faxed or copied signatures
* Incomplete documents
* Signer not present
* Important ID